Monday, November 29, 2010

When someone dies a house gets cleaned out and everything in it scatters to the winds like leaves off of an old tree. Of course the furniture gets snatched up or auctioned off. But the little things, the bits of paper inside drawers, or momentos put in little cupboards, etc. Now that is where the true remainders of a person's life are to be found.
Or in this case, remainders of deaths.
I have a box of prayer cards of Aunt Millie's. The funeral home cards you get at the door before you sign in and go view the body. She kept dozens and dozens of them in an old transitor radio box. Why it didn't get thrown away all those years ago, I'll never know. But I have cards that go back a good 60 or more years. Each a remembrance of a relative or neighbor of Millie's and mine... since I never really left the neighborhood.
By now you are wondering how Kennedy got in there. I sure did. So I called up Bo, my friend in the funeral business and he said that when Kennedy died, local funeral directors put out these prayer cards. 1963. I wasn't even born yet.
Of course I checked EBAY and laughed when I saw some imbecile who wanted $89.99 plus $14.50 shipping for one. Then I searched again and saw normal auctions where the card went for under 5 bucks.
I wonder who will get the prayer box when I die. Maybe the Kennedy card will be worth more by then. Hopefully a long time from now.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

In celebration of my return to the blogosphere, I am reposting some things that I put up before that I really liked. One of my faves of all time....The One Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still an Imbecile....

North Korea, South Korea....I am willing to bet Palin didn't know they were even two separate countries until someone fed her talking points. And she really screwed that up.
The real point is not mixing them up, but not having any knowledge on the subject in the first place.
Perhaps a rhyme will help....North is bad, South is good, let me learn this like I should. AMEN.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Band

On this day in 1969 The Band received a gold record for the album THE BAND. I have it around here somewhere. Bought it at the flea market years and years ago. Great music!

Lisa from House.... with George Costanza

Wow. I saw the face.... thought of Lisa from House, but much younger. Saw the credits. Yup. That's her.
The Seinfeld episode was the one with Jerry not getting a massage from his massage therapist girlfriend. Lisa played George's love interest. That was 1993.

The Happy Place

It's Black Friday. No I'm not out buying TVs or IPads or any other electronic thing. Instead, I am continuing down this unexpected path I found myself on, trying to get rid of things rather than buy more stuff. On my way home from dropping off two (out of nine) Christmas Cactuses (Cacti?) that I now share a home with (don't ask why) at a friend's house, I spotted The Happy Place. It's a consignment shop. The Happy Place? (conjure up sing along from the 70's...hap hap hap happy place...)
Hmmm. A potential good place to sell some coats and scarves and maybe a few trinkets. An oil lamp or two.... or four. A trip home and a car load later and the slow trickle of stuff leaving my life continues.