Sunday, April 29, 2007

But She has a Great Personality

After getting an especially bad haircut this weekend, I tried to cheer myself up by actually clicking here. This site posted pictures of favorite female celebrities..... bald. I feel much better now.

(Click on that site at your own risk, BTW. It may just change your whole outlook as to who is beautiful and who is Just .... well....Hair.)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

He's the Man

Legacy Records re-released Leonard Cohen's first three albums: Songs of Leonard Cohen, Songs From A Room, and Songs Of Love And Hate on CD. It is the 40th anniversary of Cohen's first album. Each has previously unreleased bonus material. If you are a die hard fan, this is probably for you. Meanwhile, I have the album Songs of Love and Hate, that I bought at a flea market, still in a plastic wrapper. If you are new to his music, this is not the best choice for you. I do however recommend The Essential Cohen to introduce you to a span of years of his music.

Harp Magazine has a review of the three re-released CDs.

...if you simply listen to the songs again, without any visual distractions and keeping thoughts of this being Important and Influential Music at bay, you can’t help but be impressed by their conciseness, and the attention to detail, the way the use of a children’s choir or a mouth harp at a key point sends a shiver up your spine. Cohen’s first three albums also form an unintentional trilogy, a dark-darker-darkest progression, as if you start out in a small room and end up locked in a closet.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Zero Gee

Stephen Hawking floated in Zero Gravity this week. As I write this I have a huge smile on my face. It was one "good thing" that happened this week. One of the most brilliant minds of our time -- with a body that is ravaged by ALS, and who is able to communicate only with a computer synthesized voice, had the courage to get in a plane and plunge thousands of feet to experience bliss... and as he says, "I could have gone on and on. Space, here I come."

Hawking Quote:

I don't think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I'm an optimist. We will reach out to the stars.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alec Baldwin Name Generator

"Thoughtless Little Pig" is not very endearing, yet somehow not as bad as that name given to female athletes by Don Imus. The whole world seems to be talking about the ill fated answering machine message. In case you are on another planet, Alec Baldwin yelled at his daughter because she did not answer the phone for an expected call from him. He called her a "rude, thoughtless little pig." The call was leaked to the media, (read this: bad divorce case), and so this passes for news these days. The talk shows are having a field day. Now Baldwin "parted ways "with his talent agency. Hmmm. Maybe if he had called her a "naughty little vixen" or a "bad little bunny," all of us would have been spared this nonsense. I wonder how Miss Piggy feels?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Where Will Plato Go Now?

You can scratch the babies in Limbo off your prayer list. Limbo is history. As of Friday, April 20, 2007, Limbo, (which existed since the 13th Century when it was made up to solve the problem of where babies go that aren't baptised) has been abandoned. It is now a quaint memory. It's inhabitants included Plato, Moses, and Abraham among those countless babies, as it's borders were also said to encompass those who did not sin, but were not 'saved'.

The Catholic Church's International Theological Commission said limbo reflected an "unduly restrictive view of salvation."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sopranos Recap for the Memory-Challenged

If you are fan of the Sopranos and feel a bit "lost" watching the new episodes , there is a GREAT....and I mean *GREAT* Sopranos refresher right here-- a You Tube video that summarizes, in a very funny way, the previous episodes of the Sopranos....all in seven minutes. It goes by really fast, so I recommend watching it twice.... but you will want to, because the narration is hilarious. My hat is off to the guy who came up with this. It is very entertaining, and also jogs your memory a bit so you can keep some of the story lines straight.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sopranos: First Show of the New Season

Overall: Not bad. It was like spending time with old friends. But as you watch you can't help but wonder who will die first.... My pick is Anthony, Jr. (Something about the way Tony is obsessing over the child that nearly drowned, and ended up brain dead, with a lot of people around.)


1. Would have liked to see the guys from the Bing. I miss Pauli, he had only one scene.
2. Christopher missed the Big Guy's Birthday? Yikes.
3. We all know Drinking and Driving is bad, but now I'll think twice before I drink and play Monopoly!

Best lines:

If you have hollow point bullets in anything, take them out today. (Janice)
Under the boardwalk... (Tony)
I told you guys I didn't want any presents--- just some kind words. (Tony)
Happy Birthday! ( Carmella)
I'm a little hyper...It must be these estrogen pills. ( Janice) (Yeah... right. She is really nuts.)
The Parker Bros. took time to think this all up. I think we should respect that. (Bobby)

Weighing in on the Imus Thing

Photos used without permission from the Dorothymantooth blog. Reprinted here to show respect (and give more exposure) to the man who showcased this visual juxtaposition.
(Thank your mother for art school.)


I'm not a Don Imus fan, nor a Don Imus hater. But I am familiar with Kinky Friedman-- a frequent guest in the past year on Imus's show.
Kinky, while in the national spotlight running for Governor of Texas -- and at any other time he grabbed the spotlight as a country western singer-- was an "equal opportunity offender." His crime novels, which are fiction, contain nuggets of Kinky-esque commentary, which make them funnier than the stories themselves--but his writing certainly is not for everybody. There is a certain audience for it. Kinky responded in this article:

"How can we ignore the problem that every 12-year-old in the country knows this phrase?" asks comedian-turned-gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, who also has been accused of being a racist and sexist. "And we're giving Grammys to guys for using the same phrase that gets Imus fired."

"Bill Cosby has been decrying rap lyrics for years," Friedman says. "That's the bigger issue, not scapegoating Imus. "Forgiveness is the ornament of the brave. If you can't accept it, somebody bigger than you will."
This latest flare up over Imus will pass. The next blunder will come along. . . and another outcry will follow. But will this outcry lead to a kinder, more respectful, less divided nation? I doubt it. Will it eventually rid the airwaves of all perceived bigots or misunderstood comedians? No, I think not. There's still a lot of healing to do.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?

Someone said that Christmas Day was warmer than Easter Sunday. My tulips may survive. Then again, it's not warm YET... so who knows?

It was even cold at The Masters. Temperatures in Augusta were in the 40's. They really needed those green jackets-- just to keep warm!

Test Your Urban Legends IQ

Even though I was the last to find out it WASN'T really Tiger Woods's House in that slide show travelling around the net, I decided to put my Urban Legend knowledge to the test.

If you have time to kill, there are some pretty funny questions to try to answer. I only got a 37 Percent on the Beginner Level of the Urban Legends quiz... but one question I did know was about the infamous Lawn Chair Larry. You can read about Larry, if you haven't heard of him until now, at the Darwin Awards site. He received the 1982 Honorable Mention for blasting himself into the sky on his lawn chair by tying it to some weather balloons.

I did a lot better on the Image Quiz.... 68 percent! How about this one? Did the illegal alien have a great hiding place.....Real or Fake?

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Oh to Live On.... Sugar Mountain

Why is it so satisfying to bite the ears off of a chocolate bunny?

How many peeps can you eat before you really don't care to eat any more?

Who eats the last few BLACK jelly beans at the bottom of the candy jar?

Friday, April 6, 2007

Two More Days

Two more days till the Sopranos. I'm still looking for my Sopranos Connection, as I do not have HBO.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

What to Feed the Cat

The pet food recall took another turn this week. First it was said to be rat poison causing the illness and deaths, now it is something with chemicals in plastic. Here is a list of foods NOT ON THE RECALL LIST that you can feed your little pet. (Whether she'll eat it is another problem, but at least for now these foods are considered not recalled.) Here is another helpful site that has questions and answers in plain language.

For now, I bought the Whiskas pouches and am sticking with Friskies in the can. Beef stuff is hard to find, and that is not sitting well with Sweet Pea.

Perhaps she preferred the baby rabbit whose headless body was on the doorstep awhile back. At least it didn't contain chemicals used in plastic.