Sunday, October 4, 2015

CoCo's Last Day

CoCo's world was growing smaller. On her last day I held her and we walked in the sun on the driveway. She could hear the birds and feel the warmth of the sun. We walked back in the house and I took her to mom to say goodbye, then to Janet the caregiver who gave CoCo her lunch everyday while I was at work. Back on the porch I gently sat her down and she ate one last cat treat, then I put her in her hut.  I took a pinch of catnip and set it on her pillow, while we waited for her 10:30 appointment with death.

 I sang to her in the car on the way to the vet. The little made up ditties that women sing to cats. I talked and she meowed now and then. A weak little noise, letting me know she was still there. One last look at the day light as she popped her head up from her box.

We sat on the bench outside. Not enough time. They took us in so soon. I could have sat on the bench longer with my little friend, but it was time to go.

( We buried her that day under her favorite tree, the Ginkgo, in the backyard.  The picture above is her in better times.... she used the tree as a scratchbox and there was a ring around it as high as she could reach.)

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