Friday, January 26, 2007

Supe's On!!!

Growing up in the 1970's, a Saturday ritual was the noon time Superhost show. After a morning of Bugs Bunny and Puf n Stuf, I changed the station to WUAB 43 out of Cleveland to watch Superhost. He was a goofy but fun loving character portrayed by Marty Sullivan-- a kind of clown version of Superman.

He was so corny.... the show started at noon with "Supe's On," during which he did regular feature skits like "The Moronic Woman" and "Fat Whitman, " and then Laurel and Hardy or Three Stooges cartoons would come on.

After that, he hosted the afternoon movie, which was usually something like Japanese Godzilla movies or Frankenstein. It was called Mad Theatre.
After a 20 year run, he was eventually replaced by Saturday afternoon Wrestling.

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